How To Be A Super Parent When Your Kid Says, “My Tummy Hurts”


Of all childhood illnesses, none strikes concern into the hearts of fogeys like an upset tummy. In any case, nobody will get out of the toddler years with out not less than one traumatic occasion that began with the phrase, “My tummy feels humorous,” and the PTSD can stick round for ages. However the excellent news is that the majority childhood tummy aches aren’t attributable to something critical. So if you happen to’ve dominated out a virus that may necessitate a visit to the physician, you possibly can deal with signs at house with Pepto Kids Chewables, which relieve heartburn, acid indigestion, and upset abdomen with a bubblegum flavored chewable pill that even queasy kiddos will love. Listed below are 5 methods to be a Tremendous Mother or father while you hear the dreaded phrases, “my tummy hurts!”:

1. Assess The Downside

Earlier than you possibly can tackle the difficulty, it’s good to know what you’re coping with. First, ask your baby for extra particulars on the place, precisely, the discomfort is coming from; this may also help you distinguish between heartburn (higher torso/chest), bitter abdomen (proper beneath the ribs), or intestinal woes (stomach). If they’ve nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, or your baby has a temperature or bother strolling otherwise you’re simply unsure, name your pediatrician.

2. Dissect The Final Supper (Or Lunch, Or Snack)

Assume again to the very last thing your baby ate, and the way a lot. Did they simply inhale half of a big pizza (been there!), barely chewing as they washed it down with some electrical blue soda that bore the extremely suspect label “naturally flavored”? Did they struggle one thing spicier than regular, or eat a cornucopia’s price of fruit in a single sitting? Had been cruciferous greens on the dinner menu? Even wholesome meals may cause heartburn or acid indigestion, and consuming an excessive amount of or too little, not chewing properly (side-eye, kids in every single place), or introducing new flavors can typically upset little tummies, as can working round an excessive amount of instantly after consuming, which everyone knows is a function of most kids.

3. Assist Them Get Cozy

Tummy aches might have totally different root causes, however they’re all the time a great cause to cease shifting and lie down. No, not you — though we all know that’s tempting! Have your baby lie in mattress or on the sofa with their most popular menagerie of toys and stuffies and their heads propped up on a number of pillows (mendacity flat can worsen indigestion from a bitter abdomen). Supply them sips of water, natural tea (ginger and chamomile are all time-tested stomach-soothers), or some bites of bland meals similar to toast or banana if you happen to suspect that starvation pangs could also be the reason for the stomach bother. Mild abdomen and stomach therapeutic massage or reflexology work on the ft can even assist ease gasoline pains and support digestion — simply ensure to verify with their pediatrician about any methods you discover on-line earlier than you start.

4. Soothe Signs With A Trusted Model

Grown-ups know Pepto Bismol because the go-to remedy for abdomen woes, so it’s no shock we love Pepto Kids Chewables, which supply confirmed reduction for heartburn, indigestion, and upset tummies in a formulation that’s specifically designed for youths ages 2-11. And any mum or dad who has ever tried to force-feed liquid drugs to a recalcitrant baby will respect the bubble gum-flavored chewable tablets, which children love. The lively ingredient in Pepto Youngsters, calcium carbonate, gently and safely soothes upset stomachs, heartburn, and indigestion in little ones as younger as two (as with all OTC drugs, verify the dosage chart), which implies fast reduction in your child and for you.

5. Give it A Day

Most delicate upset abdomen and digestive points resolve rapidly with the remedies outlined above, however it’s a great rule of thumb to control your baby for twenty-four hours from the onset of signs earlier than letting them return to their regular exercise degree and eating regimen. Then once more, children are inclined to bounce again rapidly, and after having a relaxation and taking a dose or two of Pepto Youngsters, we’ve got a sense they’ll be saying “Tummy ache? What tummy ache?” as they make a beeline for the pool, or the soccer discipline, or the ice cream truck. Your greatest problem is likely to be catching up with them!

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