“Pregnancy Nose” Videos Are Taking Over TikTok — How Common Is It?


You don’t want us to let you know the various methods your body can change during pregnancy. However when you’ve immediately seen that your face appears completely different, and also you’re sporting lips that look freshly injected or a nose you don’t recognize, you may be questioning what the heck is happening with that pregnant body of yours.

In truth, you’re removed from alone. Pregnancy nose and pregnancy lips are all over TikTok, with loads of anticipating mamas waxing poetic about their suddenly swollen facial features. Interested by why it occurs, how frequent it’s, and if it’s a trigger for concern? Two OB-GYNs gave Scary Mommy the nitty gritty on being pregnant nostril and lips.

What causes being pregnant nostril and lips?

As with most issues pregnancy-related, you’ll be able to blame it on the hormones, child. The specific hormone behind the swell is progesterone, which will increase all through one’s being pregnant, as Jill Hechtman, MD, an OB-GYN with OB Hospitalists of Florida, part of Pediatrix Medical Group, explains. Progesterone may cause water retention all through the physique, together with elevated blood stream, which helps the uterus to grow to accommodate the fetus. “This could result in nasal swelling in addition to a runny nostril and/or feeling stuffy,” she says.

That puffy-faced look is fairly frequent, provides Kim Langdon, MD, an OB-GYN with Medzino. Each medical doctors share that whereas it might probably occur throughout the first trimester, it’s extra frequent throughout the later levels of being pregnant within the second and third trimesters.

When do you have to be involved?

Whereas it’s sometimes fairly regular, there are some potential causes for concern to pay attention to when you discover swelling that comes on immediately and impacts the fingers, toes, and calves, says Langdon.

Sudden, speedy swelling that impacts extra than simply your face could possibly be an indication of preeclampsia, a being pregnant complication associated to kidney operate that sometimes impacts folks within the later levels of being pregnant (20 weeks or past), though it might probably happen throughout early being pregnant. In response to the Mayo Clinic, preeclampsia happens when there’s a probably harmful spike in blood stress. It’s a severe situation that may impression each mom and child, so each medical doctors advise searching for fast medical care when you discover extreme swelling or fluid retention past your customary being pregnant nostril and/or lips.

How lengthy does it final?

Fortunately, most circumstances of facial swelling don’t point out a severe well being concern, and Hechtman notes that “throughout the postpartum interval (aka the primary six weeks after supply), the swelling will subside, and your regular nostril and lips will return.”

Does it trigger another uncomfortable side effects?

Chalk it as much as one more unimaginable method your physique helps put together you to ship a child. Together with swollen lips, some TikTokers have seen that their speech sample is even completely different, with TikToker Isabella Newman sharing, “Pregnant lips are a factor! I now have a lisp.”

As in your nostril, you may additionally take care of the dreaded pregnancy congestion, by which the elevated blood stream to your nasal passages brings with it extreme mucus that may trigger a runny nostril, stuffiness, and loud night breathing whilst you snooze. (As when you’re not already coping with sufficient sh*t, proper?). Sadly, a lift in blood stream also can imply elevated possibilities for bloody noses, so that you’ll in all probability wish to have the tissues readily available always.

Whereas all of it would possibly really feel uncomfortable and unsightly, it’s a reasonably customary a part of the being pregnant course of. That stated, if something bothers you or just doesn’t really feel proper, checking in together with your physician is at all times a strong transfer. You’ll be again to trying — and feeling — like your self once more very quickly.

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